Sunday, 3 October 2010


The iconic store is back! Biba was popular throughout the 60's and 70's.. AND IT'S BACK!

'My friend and I talked of the past, sighing over the good times when you could go to Biba's and buy a complete outfit for five pounds, and of the gold crochet mini-dresses still hanging in the backs of wardrobes. Should we buy a tin of Biba's own brand baked beans as a souvenir?'

An extract from 'A Farewell to Biba's'
Kate Pountey

'You were buying more than clothes in a BIBA shop - you were subscribing to an oppositional lifestyle'
'It was extraordinary to see people applied, often sucessfully, my dream image to themselves. I felt we gave them basics that they could interpret in their own way'

A sneak peak to the new collection.. 

Oh my goodness, they've got Daisy Lowe..

I have fallen in love with BIBA all over again.

What do you think? Like the retro? Or do you like the modern take on BIBA?
Leave a comment, tell me what you think.


  1. It'll be hard to match up to the original Biba but worth bringing back. Love the original pics.

  2. I love the leopard print jacket! I want one


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